Staff Member: Father Andrew Litt

Father Andrew Litt

Parochial Vicar, Religion 5th - 6th
Phone: 308-345-4546

I’m looking forward to this school year especially with a couple years under my feet. It’s amazing how much you learn as a teacher, from the staff and the students. A little bit about myself:
I grew up in Lincoln, at St. John the Apostle Parish. Those of you with family ties to St. John have probably prayed for my vocation at a Sunday mass or two over the last few years. I’ve spent most of my life in the Catholic school system with a stint early on in public schools and a year at UNL. I’ve spent 4 years at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia and am glad to be back in ‘The Good Life’.
I look forward to getting the chance to interact with and teach your children, and you as well. I will be praying for a successful school year.

Photo of Father Andrew Litt