Staff Member: Mrs. Cathy Jones

Mrs. Cathy Jones

Math 7th - 8th; Algebra

This is my 5th year teaching at St. Pat’s teaching 7th and 8th graders math. I feel at home here and really enjoy teaching St. Pat’s students! As all the students know, I LOVE math (and science) and LOVE to teach it to others. I even give the students my phone number – 695-2326 (BEFORE 10:00 pm) - so they can call me while doing their homework if they need help –please, encourage your child to do so. I am here on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week and Mr. Hall and I will try to cover for each other when one or the other needs to be gone. This means very little subs in upper level math! I am very excited to be here and am so looking forward to meeting those I do not yet know. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about the progress of your children. It takes a village as the saying goes and all of us want to help your children be the very best they can be.
My husband, Warren, is a dentist and we have been married longer than most of my student’s parents have been alive! We have three children: Melanie, Jenica and Walker. Melanie is a dentist practicing with her dad here in town. Most of you know her and her family. They have two children: Syd and Liviya. Jenica is a physical therapy assistant in Omaha. Her husband is a lieutenant colonel in the army and they have three daughters: KayLynn, Gabriel and Bristol. Walker is a mechanical engineer in Broomfield, Colorado with a wife and no children yet. We are very blessed with three children, four granddaughters and a grandson who are all very busy. We travel often to all their activities. We, also, have a cabin in the mountains where we go to rest and relax and to be with friends and family. We enjoy the breathtaking scenery and see many different kinds of wildlife while there. God’s creations never cease to amaze me!!
So far the year has started off wonderfully! The students at St. Pat’s are always so respectful, helpful and kind. I notice this in and out of the classroom and am always proud to be a part of St. Pat’s. We are so fortunate to have our school. God has blessed us greatly!

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