St. Patrick Elementary School

& Little Knights Preschool

Office: 308-345-4546


St. Patrick Catholic Church

Rectory Office: 308-345-6734



St. Patrick Elementary School has already hosted our Kindergarten Roundup. However, if you happened to miss out, we are still accepting students for the 2019/2020 school year.

Please contact St. Patrick School Office

at 308-345-4546 for more details! 

Our 2nd Annual G.I.F.T. Gala (Giving Investments For Tomorrow) is coming up soon! Be sure to visit the GIFT Gala Menu Tab for all the up-to-date information!

We are SOLD OUT!

All proceeds for the 2019 G.I.F.T. Gala, Sip-n-See and cash raffle will go toward supporting St. Patrick School! 





Who doesn't need some extra CASH??

Here's your chance!

See a St. Patrick School student or come to the Rectory Office and we will HOPEFULLY sell you the winning raffle ticket!  



As of March 1st, we still have about 70 time slots that we need to fill with volunteers! From decorating the gym and school hallways, to feeding our volunteers and cleaning up; we need your help! Please click on the link below to see where the help is needed and how you can volunteer!


We have 2,500 Cash Raffle Tickets to sell for our gala! As of March 1st, only 362 raffle tickets have been turned in to the Rectory Office! We are looking for 20 people to help us in selling tickets. Can you sell at least 25 tickets for us? Who wouldn't want some extra cash?? If you can help us out, please click on the link below and we will get the tickets to you ASAP!



St. Patrick Church Online Giving Link

We are pleased to offer Online Giving as a convenient method for contributions to the Parish. Contributions may be scheduled regularly as an alternative to using envelopes or given on a one-time basis if preferred. This can be especially convenient during busy times, holidays, and vacations. Our online giving allows you to enter the amount and select the intention(s) and date(s) and to designate your bank or credit card number. Contributions will appear on your yearly statement from the parish.


Welcome to St. Patrick Church. 

It is our hope that you feel at home and among friends here.  If you are a visitor for a day, We pray God`s speed on your journey.  If you are looking for a parish community, we would be delighted to welcome you into our parish family.  Please introduce yourselves.  Registration forms are available in the entry racks or contact us  at 345-6734.  

Mass Times

Saturday Vigil: 6:00 pm
Sunday: 7:30, 9:00 & 11:00 am
Spanish Mass: Sunday, 4:00 pm

DAILY: 6:45 am Monday - Friday
8:00 am on School Days
8:00 am Saturday

HILLCREST NURSING HOME: 9:45 am on Wednesday

6:30 am Monday - Friday
4:00 - 5:30 pm Saturday
7:00 pm Saturday (after Vigil Mass)
7:00 pm First Friday Adoration
- or - any time by appointment, call (308) 345-6734



Please call for an appointment to begin preparation at least 6 months before your proposed wedding date. 


Please call the Rectory for scheduling.

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St. Patrick Altar Society

Meet on 1st Tuesday of each month.

President: Peggy Been (308-340-7260)
Vice President: Jennifer Hinze (308-340-5256)
Secretary: Jill Koenig (308-737-0751)
Treasurer: Cathy Jones (308-695-2326)

Knights of Columbus

Meet on 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Grand Knight: Rodney Solko (785-475-4363)
Financial Secretary: Ron Jacobs (345-3372)
KC Hall Manager: Steve & Sherri Rothmeyer (308-340-3383)
4th Degree Knights: Dan Ladenberger (276-2370)

St. Patrick Parish Council

Meet on 4th Tuesday of each month.

Jill Koenig: 308-737-0751
John Mabile: 345-6081
Melissa Wilcox: 308-340-6850
Harold Beebe: 308-340-3033
Clay Jordan: 308-340-8980
Mike Tines: 308-340-3028
Mark Eiler: 308-340-5105
Michelle Terry: 345-2524
Riley Shaw: 308-340-8482

St. Patrick Finance Committee

Mark Graff (345-8717) 
George Lambert (345-1733, 308-737-1779)
Jim O’Dea (308-340-4149)
Sean Wolfe (308-520-4517)

Administration and Staff

St. Patrick Rectory


7:30 - 4:00