Sunday, May 16 2021

CLICK ON LINK : St. Patrick Church Online Giving Link

We are pleased to offer Online Giving as a convenient method for contributions to the Parish. Contributions may be scheduled regularly as an alternative to using envelopes or given on a one-time basis if preferred. This can be especially convenient during busy times, holidays, and vacations. Our online giving allows you to enter the amount and select the intention(s) and date(s) and to designate your bank or credit card number. Contributions will appear on your yearly statement from the parish.

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Thank you to the Altar Society’s Bargain Bazaar for paying for our parish subscription to!

You can download materials to your phone, computer or tablet (be sure to sign out at the bottom of the screen to save your data minutes).
To register go to; click on “I belong to a parish”; enter St. Patrick, McCook;
Complete your name and email address; click on “sign-up” and you are registered!
We no longer have to enter a parish code.
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Please call for an appointment to begin preparation at least 6 months before your proposed wedding date. 


Please call the Rectory for scheduling.


Welcome to St. Patrick Church.

Current Covid Protocols @ St. Pats are being adapted (following the advice of respected health care experts in our area) as we get more people in our area vaccinated. To help accommodate larger numbers at our parish Masses we now have every other pew seating in the front part of church and we are using every pew in the back (south) area. Where you sit is up to you. But, please be helpful and respectful to those who prefer some spacing. Masks are not required, but are still welcomed. We still want you to receive Holy Communion in the hand. Missalettes are available for each family to take home and bring back for your use at Masses. Holy water bottles are provided by the Altar Society for each household to have holy water available for your family’s personal use. Our goal is to make sure all (especially the vulnerable and seniors) are safe and feel it is OK to come receive the healing of Jesus’ sanctifying grace through the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion

Mass Times

SUNDAY: Saturday Vigil Mass: 6:00 PM
Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, & 11:00 AM
DAILY: 6:45 A.M. -- Monday-Friday
8:00 A.M. – Monday-Friday
8:00 A.M. – Saturday
.HILLCREST NURSING HOME: cancelled until further notice


St. Patrick Altar Society

Meet on 1st Tuesday of each month Sept-May.

President: Peggy Been (308-340-7260)

Vice President: Jennifer Hinze (308-340-5256)
Secretary: Jill Koenig (308-737-0751)
Treasurer: Cathy Jones (308-695-2326)

St. Patrick Parish Council

4th Tuesday of each month.

Jim Olson 308-340-0751
Mayra Real 308-995-7522
JoHanna Scott 308-655-0671
Harold Beebe: 308-340-3033
Clay Jordan: 308-340-8980
Mike Tines: 308-340-3028
Mark Eiler: 308-340-5105
Michelle Terry: 345-2524
Rylee Shaw: 308-340-8482

St. Patrick Finance Committee

Mark Graff (345-8717) 
George Lambert (345-1733, 308-737-1779)
Jim O’Dea (308-340-4149)
Greg Wolfe 308-364-2747
Sean Wolfe (308-520-4517)

Knights of Columbus

Meet on 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Grand Knight: Benton Daniels (308-352-6799)
Financial Secretary: Ron Jacobs (308-345-3372)
KC Hall Manager: Steve & Sherri Rothmeyer (308-340-3383)
4th Degree Knights: Dan Ladenberger (308-276-2370)

Administration and Staff

St. Patrick Rectory


Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm