Every donation counts, no matter the amount!

Participation in the 2020 BIG GIVE McCook is a great way to support our St. Patrick Elementary School. Last year we received $18,371.10 of that $4,785.00 was matching funds and $2,070.00 were power hour donations! Wow! Thank you to all of our generous donors!  We would appreciate your donations to achieve success again this year!

 www.biggivemccook.org or stpatsmccook.com

Please notice the no contact drive in locations are available. Power hours are very powerful!

  • Big Give McCook will run from midnight to midnight on Thursday, November 5, 2020.
  • Donations can be made online at biggivemccook.org; click on the St. Patrick Elementary School link to make your donation. In-person donations can be made at the 8 different giving stations. If you are donating to one organization, (for example, St. Patrick School), you can make your check payable to that organization. If you are donating to several organizations, you can make your check payable to McCook Community Chest and they will disburse appropriately.
  • Donations made during each of the Power Hours will be entered into a drawing to have a chance of the funds being matched. The Power Hour drawings will take place at each location until $1,000 has been matched!
  • BIG GIVE McCook will match for every $2 given with $1 for total donations up to $2,500 for each organization. If there are bonus funds left, they will match donations 2 for 1 above the $2,500 equally by organization.
  • Patrick Elementary School receives 100% of in-person donations and 97.8% of online donations.
  • Patrick Elementary School will issue you a tax-deductible receipt following your gift.
  • Help us spread the word to the community, your family and your friends! Follow the Big Give McCook Facebook Page!

In an effort to provide an affordable education, our tuition and book fees are significantly less than our cost-per-pupil forcing us to face financial challenges? Salaries, educational materials, supplies, and overall operating expenses come from generous donations to maintain our school. The Big Give McCook campaign last year allowed us to use funds towards those expenses. 2020 Big Give McCook proceeds will continue the mission of St. Patrick Elementary School into the NEXT 100 years.


Questions: Development Office, Cassie Spencer 308-340-2931 or [email protected]