Staff Member: Mrs. Deonne Hinz

Mrs. Deonne Hinz

K-8 Art & 4-8 Computer
Phone: 308-345-4546
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Welcome back and I hope everyone had a wonderful
and creative summer. I feel so blessed to be a part
of the staff here at St. Patrick School, teaching kindergarten
through eighth-grade art as well as fifth through
eighth-grade computers. This is my tenth year here at St.
Patrick School, and I am looking forward to another wonderful
Some information about myself and my family you
might not know. I have lived in the area for almost 24
years. My husband, Merlin is currently helping farm his
family’s land, plus is the chemical plant manager for AG
Valley COOP in Indianola. When he is not busy working,
he loves restoring old cars. We also have three daughters
named Micah, Noelle, and Stacia.
Micah is 23 years old and currently living in
Mancelona, Michigan. She is really enjoying herself up
there spending time with her fiancé and his 9-year-old
son, Anthony. We were very lucky to get a chance to
spend a few days with them this summer in Michigan. Micah
also found it in her heart to bless a local family
through adoption. We are so glad the family wants us in
their lives. So now we are happy to say we have the
blessing of four grandchildren. It has been great to have
such a wonderful extended family.
Our daughter Noelle and her husband, Matt, are
currently serving our country in the United States Marine
Corps. They are both stationed right now in Twenty-nine
Palms, California, working as aviation ordinance distribution
officers. We are so proud that they have chosen to
serve our country. We were so glad to see them both
when they were on leave this past August.
Our youngest daughter, Stacia, is a senior at
Southwest Schools and she is going to keep me busy this
year, but I sure am enjoying her still being at home. I also
can’t forget my two very large dogs, Bentley who is now
4 ½ years old, and Miura who is now 2½ years old and
has finally stopped growing. They both are Great Danes
and keep my family entertained by their silly shenanigans.
I also have a cat named Rue along with several
ducks and chickens.
I have had a very busy summer working on organizing
our art classroom. When I am not doing that, I
am taking care of our pets as well as our very large garden.
Our family did find time to go to the lake this summer
which was a lot of fun as well. When I was not working
on school or home projects, I would keep myself busy
working on some of my own artwork. One of my favorite
things to do is make various pottery pieces, fused-glass
jewelry, as well as drawing and painting.
I am looking forward to another creative year.
See you around the school.

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