Staff Member: Mr. Scott Dauwen

Mr. Scott Dauwen


Welcome back everyone, hope you all enjoyed the lengthy vacation, and welcome to the new families.
This is my second year as custodian at St. Pats and I enjoy working here. My wife Gnelle is entering her twelfth  year teaching kindergarten at Cambridge and loves her work. Our daughter Taylor is working at Community Hospital while continuing her education, and our son Rayce is in the Army and posted at Ft. Drum NY, he has about eight months left of a four year contract. He and his wife Brianna blessed us with our first grandchild, Lila Grace, on Thanksgiving day, and are expecting another in February. Gnelle and I were able to drive out to NY and enjoy some time with them this summer.
As long as the summer break was, I still have a list of projects that I didn’t get done. I owe a big thank you to Jenifer Jacobs for all her help with projects this summer, and to her husband for helping with the rectory windows. Aiden Barger also did a lot of painting and yard work, and Cindi Arterburn also helped out with some projects. Thank you all for helping out!
Hope we all have a great year and stay safe and Healthy! Thank you parents for bringing your kids to St. Pats.
God Bless

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