Staff Member: Mrs. Gale Slattery

Mrs. Gale Slattery

Head Cook

Welcome back! Summer goes faster every year!
It’s nice to see so many familiar faces as well as the new
students. I am head of the lunchroom. This is my eighth
year in this position. My husband, Mike, and I have four
children, all past students at St. Patrick School. Our
granddaughter is a current student.
We have some new employees this year in the
kitchen. Stephanie Roth has taken the full-time cook position.
Amy Stritt and Lori Ruggles are our new part-time
employees. Many of you probably know Emily Peck. She
remains on staff as well. We are all looking forward to a
great school year!
I have a few reminders with the new year beginning.
PLEASE try to keep your children’s lunch accounts
current. I try to send bills home with the students every 1-2
weeks. A bill is sent when their account goes over $5 past
due. If you ever have a question as to their balance, you
can call the kitchen at 345-5542. Please do not call between
10:30 and 1:00, as we are serving students lunch
at that time. Please send lunch money separate from other
school fees or dues. Checks can be made payable to St.
Patrick Hot Lunch. It is helpful to write your child’s ID number
(found in the bill) or your child’s name on your check.
If you send cash, be sure it is labeled with your name. If
you want payments divided a certain way, let me know;
otherwise I will split according to their individual account
If your student has any food allergies or sensitivities,
we have a form that you need to fill out. We must
have that on file in order to avoid any health issues. Also,
if you do not want your child to be served seconds, you
must let us know in writing. Sometimes they forget that
seconds are costing their parents $0.50. The parent might
be surprised how quickly the lunch money goes away!
This applies to those who receive free or reduced price
lunches as well.
Finally, if your family qualified for free or reduced
price meals last year, you need to reapply before
September 27. Eligibility from last year, only carries over
to that date. If you do not submit a new application, you
will lose your eligibility. If your family situation changes,
you may apply anytime throughout the school year.
Remember that parents and guests are welcome
to come enjoy lunch with the students. Cost is $4 per guest.
We just ask that you please let us know ahead of time to
be sure that we prepare enough food!

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